November 29, 2011

¿Kermit y Pitbull?

¿Kermit y Pitbull?


What is your real name: Rana Rene, Gustavo or Kermit?

It is Kermit. Actually, it’s always been Kermit, but when I first introduced, they used “Rana Rene” and “Gustavo” and I was too polite to correct them. Of course, Miss Piggy doesn’t believe that story. She’s convinced I was using those other names to hide from her.

What is your favorite word in Spanish?

Zancudo! It’s a frog thing.

If you could do a duet with a Spanish act whom would that be and why?

Pitbull. I’ve worked with bears, pigs, penguins, chickens and Rowlf the Dog; I think it’s time to work with Pitbull. Besides, as a frog, I’m a natural at hip hop.

Are you and Miss Piggy an item?


I have to say “yes, we are an item”. I have to say that because she might be reading this.


What are you looking for in a relationship?

A frog named Kermit. That’s it. But, of course, if Kermie is not immediately available I’m also looking for George Clooney in a relationship.

What is your favorite Spanish word?

Mas! Because, no matter what I desire, I always want “mas” of it.

Which Hispanic heartthrob is your favorite?

There’s this celebrity here you call “Rana Rene”. He is so hot!....What? That’s Kermit!?! Oh, so he’s traveling to exotic places using a different name! Thank you for that information. I’ll be talking to Kermit about it soon.

Who is your favorite Hispanic fashion designer?

I adore Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta. Carlos Miele, Victor DeSouza, Narciso Rodriguez…But it would be unfair to choose only one designer. After all, I am a fashion muse and I want to be available as inspiration to all the great designers, so that they can create couture inspired by moi – and then


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