October 14, 2013

Kerrie Baylis, Miss Jamaica 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Kerrie Baylis, Miss Jamaica 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

COUNTRY: Jamaica


Name: Kerrie Baylis


Age: 24


HT: 5’11”


Language: English


Bio: Kerrie Baylis’ interests include banking, finance, law, art and dance. Although she currently works as an investment banker and portfolio advisor, her dream job includes traveling the world and trying the best and most interesting dishes and cuisines. Growing up, Kerrie was raised between England and Jamaica, which exposed her to different customs and traditions and fostered her fascination of different cultures and travel.


Quote: “Jamaicans come from all different descents--African, Caucasian, Indian, Chinese, Syrian and more--which makes our people so interesting, unique, talented and beautiful.”


Fun Facts:


1. Kerrie swam with sharks twice and fed a 6-foot long shark that was laying in her lap.


2. Kerrie once flew a plane over Kaieteur Falls on the Potaro River in Guyana.


3. As a young girl, Kerrie was a “tom-boy” who played football, climbed trees and hated Barbies.”