October 14, 2013

Cynthia Duque, Miss Mexico 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Cynthia Duque, Miss Mexico 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)



Name: Cynthia Lizetthe Duque


Age: 21


HT: 5’7’’


Language: Spanish, English


Bio: Cynthia Duque is currently a student at the Institute of NEO studying image design. She is also an instructor of Latin rhythms dancing, acts and professionally models. Her dream would be to become a teacher for young children because she loves their company.


Quote: “The easiest solution to poverty is for us to share a part of ourselves to those who have nothing.”


Fun Facts:


1. Cynthia began working at the age of nine! She says this helped her become responsible and help provide for her family.


2. Cynthia donated one liter of her blood for a child who desperately needed it. Because of her donation, the child’s health improved dramatically and helped his battle with cancer.


3. Whenever Cynthia is in a public place, is she hears dancing music she cannot help but begin to dance!