October 14, 2013

Elmira Abdrazakova, Miss Russia 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)

Elmira Abdrazakova, Miss Russia 2013 Biography (Miss Universe)



Name: Elmira Abdrazakova


Age: 18


HT: 5’7’’


Language: Russian


Bio: Elmira Abdrazakova was raised in a small Siberian town where she attended music school. Elmira is currently studying global economics at the Railroad University of Siberia, but dreams of becoming an actress. A few of her interests include poetry, figure-skating and swimming.


Quote: “My mother is my best friend. She raised me on her own and is responsible for supporting and guiding me in life.”


Fun Facts:


1. Elmira has won several regional competitions for her ability to play piano.


2. During summer camp, Elima once spotted a small bear on the soccer field who was tangled in the netting of a goal. She instantly ran out to help rescue the cub!


3. Elmira’s beauty secret is her hair mask made from mustard powder, burdock root oil extract, egg yolk and sugar.