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April 9, 2013

Todos Somos Héroes in Telemundo

Todos Somos Héroes in Telemundo

Todos Somos Héroes celebrates the inspiring stories of ordinary people whose daily acts make a difference for their family, friends, community and country.

Telemundo will host a 2-hour entertainment special, “Todos Somos Heroes”, honoring these individuals. We will present 8 awards to individuals who exemplify compassion, brotherhood, citizenship and bravery. Top stars will perform musical numbers in honor of these heroes.

Some candidates will be selected by the production team based on research and others selected by viewers’ nomination. Each hero will be introduced by a very emotional story that explains why they are being honored. These stories will include interviews, video and dramatizations. Each honoree will receive a gift from either a sponsor or the production. The gift will either be something that allows them to continue in their cause or reward them for their deeds. Leading up to the special, Un Nuevo Dia, Al Rojo Vivo and Noticiero will air 10 stories of heroes promoting “Todos Somos Heroes.”


After the special airs we will do follow up stories with the honorees.


To nominate someone who made a difference in the community enter here: facebook.com/telemundo-main/contest


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