October 8-11Palais Des Festivals - Cannes, France

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Marcos Santana / President
Karen Barroeta / SVP International Cable & Marketing
Xavier Aristimuño / SVP Sales & Business Development – Asia & French-Speaking Territories
Esperanza Garay / SVP Sales & Acquisition - Latin America
Luis Daniel Capriles / VP International Digital Media
Karina Etchison / VP of Sales - Europe, Middle East and Africa
Melissa Pillow / Sales Director - Central and Eastern Europe
Olimpia Del Boccio / Director of Marketing, Press & Promotions
Emanuela Bosco / Format Sales Manager - Europe  



Rosa Diamante/ Precious Rose

Abandoned by her mother at birth, Rosa Puentes was sent to boarding school in the hands of a mysterious woman. Her mother gave the woman eighteen diamonds, one in payment for every year that Rosa would spend at the school, and one rose diamond, to be given to Rosa when she reached adulthood.

El Rostro de la Venganza/ Facing Destiny

Thirty-year-old Diego Mercader has been released from the psychiatric unit of a New York City prison. Under the name Martin Mendez, he manages to disguise and protect himself from those that have not forgotten the past and insist on seeking revenge. 

Dulce Amargo/ Bittersweet 

Dulce Amargo takes us into the world of five couples and their everyday struggles, one of them being Mariana and Nicolas, who are about to celebrate their seven-year anniversary. Dulce Amargo is a contemporary love story, full of suspense and excitement, in which falling in love, like in real life, can be bittersweet.                                    

Pobre Rico/ The Switch

When the Cotapos, one of the wealthiest families of the country, realize that their 17-year-old son was switched at birth with their biological son, a whole new reality begins for them.

Aquí Mando Yo/ I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss presents the story of a separated couple: Sofia Kuncar and Diego Buzzoni. He is a cheerful, sly, charming and smart man, who loves his job as a radio announcer but has serious problems adapting to its structure and established rules. He is the opposite of Sofia, who is an attractive, sophisticated, well-cultured and very organized executive woman.

Esperanza: El Destino del Amor/ Esperanza: Love’s Destiny

When Esperanza Reyes decides to leave her beloved Peru to offer her 10-year-old son a better future, it never crosses her mind that she would find much more than she is searching for in Chile.