Facing Destiny

Facing Destiny
Facing Destiny

Thirty-year-old Diego Mercader has been released from the psychiatric unit of a New York City prison. He served a 20-year sentence on charges of first-degree murder for being the mastermind behind a massacre at his school in which seven of his classmates died.

He owes his freedom to the untiring efforts of his psychiatrist, Dr. Antonia Villarroel. Upon leaving prison, she introduces him to the man who has become his benefactor. For reasons unknown, Ezequiel Alvarado, a successful banker, gives him a new identity and a new life.

Under the name Martin Mendez, he manages to disguise and protect himself from those that have not forgotten the past and insist on seeking revenge. Settled in the Alvarados’ world, he will have to adapt to his new life of freedom while nightmares of the past continue to torment him taking him back to that fateful day he still cannot remember.

However, Martin continues to cling affectionately to Antonia. She is the only person he feels he can trust and the only woman with whom he has kept a close relationship since he was a child and was confined to prison. That closeness will bring about a beautiful romance that for Martin will have a special meaning: his first love.

New challenges loom ahead when he meets the Alvarados, especially Luciano, Ezequiel’s eldest son and right-hand man. Luciano, who is intimately familiar with his father’s affairs, becomes jealous when Ezequiel entrusts Martin with responsibilities never shared with anyone before, including looking after his young fiancée Mariana.

Mariana, a woman of great beauty, is not only very ambitious, but good at manipulating others to get what she wants. Although Ezequiel’s protection and economic status can guarantee her a comfortable lifestyle, she is unable to resist Luciano, with whom she had a brief but intense romance. Now, she and Luciano both hide from Ezequiel to live out the passion that they feel for one another.

Meanwhile, Antonia continues investigating the events that happened 20 years ago since her doubts about Martin’s guilt remain. She will not rest until she finds evidence that reveal with certainty who was the murder.

Cast: Saul Lisazo, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Maritza Rodriguez, David Chocarro

Production year: 2012