Better Off Single

Better Off Single 
Better Off Single

Pedro Armstrong is not exactly happy. His intolerable wife Carolina harasses and mistreats him; his children ignore him royally; and his boss, who is also his father-in-law, drives him up the wall. Pedro shouldn’t…but he dreams of being free of all his obligations, and at his 40 years of age, he decides it's time to make a change: giving his two weeks’ notice at work, separating from his wife, and taking on the project of remodeling an old house which he will share with other gentlemen that are separated just like him. At first they enjoy themselves, but things get complicated when the ex-wives – including Carolina, the children, mothers, mothers-in-laws and their caretakers all start coming around.


Caat: Jorge Zabaleta, Álvaro Rudolphy, Sigrid Alegría, Luz Valdivieso, Fernando Larraín, Alejandra Fosalba, Andrés Velasco, Daniela Ramírez, Rodrigo Muñoz y Coca Guazzini

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