Broken Angel

Broken Angel
Broken Angel

Santa Martinez’s life changes unexpectedly when her husband Willy is hired as Daniela Cano’s private music teacher. Daniela is the granddaughter of Gaspar Cano, who is one of the most powerful attorneys in town and has a large fortune.

What seemed to be a wonderful opportunity soon turns out to be her worst nightmare. The seductive Barbara Cano, Daniela’s mother, becomes obsessed with Willy and pursues him, even though she is a married woman. At the same time, Willy discovers Daniela’s secret drug use. Mother and daughter conspire to falsely accuse Willy of sexual harassment.

Like a savage shark, Humberto Cano drags Willy to court to answer to his family’s accusations, and a scandal erupts in the media.

A bomb explodes within the Cano family when Georges, Barbara’s husband and Daniela’s father, reveals a video which proves that the case filed was a complete fabrication by the women.

Humberto cannot believe that he has been deceived by his own family. But now it is too late; his reputation is at stake. False evidence is presented and Willy is sentenced to 30 years in prison. 

Fearing that the truth will be revealed, Humberto decides to take drastic measures: he will have Willy eliminated.

Santa, who is unable to forget what happened, devises a plan to take revenge on the members of the Cano family, a plan that will force her to become Amanda Braun.

Amanda will be willing to do whatever she must to carry her plan to its logical conclusion.

But her plan did not account for Santiago, the third brother of the Cano family, who appears suddenly and steals her heart right from the beginning. Santiago is the complete opposite of the rest of his family and as love once again blooms in her life, Amanda realizes that her plan is now in jeopardy.

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