Victoria At what age does a woman begin to live?

At what age does a woman begin to live? This is the main theme in the Telemundo's production, Victoria, an exciting and controversial story about a middle-aged woman, who finds a second opportunity to love in the hands of a younger man.

In her 25th wedding anniversary party, Victoria Mendoza (Victoria Ruffo) finds out that her husband Enrique Mendoza (Arturo Peniche), has a mistress, Tatiana López (Andrea López), and attractive girl who is 20 years young than Enrique. In this moment her world crumbies, as Victoria will have to confront a new reality of a broken marriage.

As she tries to overcome the pain of betrayal, unexpectedly, she meets Jerónimo, a younger man who makes her feel loved and wanted. This sweet and handsome hunk unlocks her lost feelings of passion and desire, which she never thought she'd be capable of living again.

Main Cast: Victoria Ruffo, Arturo Peniche, Andrea López, Mauricio Ochmann.

Duration: 171 x 1 Hr.
Year: 2007

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